Thursday, July 21, 2005


Sorry to take so long since my last post, but when the muse is strong, all I want to do is write the fiction and so tend to avoid any other extraneous activities (such as blogging) that would take away from my creative writing time.

With everyone so interested in Firefly now that the movie Serenity is coming soon, my friends and I have been discussing (in person, what a concept in the days of LJ!) how hard the character of River is to write. Now, I've never been one to resist a challenge. Indeed, I've found some of my best writing occurs when I am challenging myself to try something new. So, now I've completed my first Firefly fanfiction, called "Burning Bright", which will be published in volume 2 of CHINOOK in October. For those who want to see how I've written River before then, here's a sample of poetry that I wrote and credited to her imagination in my story.

Moonbeams light the way
When the stars come out to play.
One by one and two by two,
A gypsy rain of fiery blue,
They fall across the sky.
I spread my skirts to catch them there,
To dip my fingers in their blaze,
Tiny points of burning sun.
They paint my skin with scented light
And chase away the ghosts of night.

Next, once I'd finished with River, my plans had been had been to go back to writing more Demon Under Glass fiction; but then I decided to do what I thought was going to be a short, four-page PWP Angel filler for volume 9 of Horizontal Mosaic. Maybe I should challenge myself to actually write a PWP, because plot and characterization always seem to get in the way. I'm now finishing page 7 of a post-series-finale story, and I still haven't gotten the characters of my pairing together much less into bed. :-)

Okay, I swear, when I finish the Angel story, I'll get back to working on Demon Under Glass and the stories with original characters that I've plotted out.