Thursday, January 11, 2007

Another Honour...

Good news seems to come in bulk. :-)

While scrolling through nominations in the Horror Short Story category of the 2006 Preditors and Editors Readers' Poll, I discovered that my own story "The Midnight Sun", published in DemonSpawnII by Sybaritic Press, had been nominated. Of course, I was jubilated. I've been nominated for (and won) a number of fannish awards (such as those in yesterday's post), but this was my first nomination for any of my pro writing.

Anyway, after my exhileration died down (and after I'd notified everyone far and wide of my nomination), I pulled out the anthology for a good look at it (and to give it a few loving pats, to tell the truth), only to discover that it was published in 2005, not 2006. So, the story is not actually eligible. Bummer! Irregardless, I'm still thrilled just to have been nominated.

Maybe, next year, someone will nominate me properly for one of my storie in the soon-to-be-published DemonSpawn3, also from Sybaritic Press. The three stories that have been accepted for the horror/romance anthology are "Seesaw, Margery Daw...", "Mine!" and an expanded version of "Nevermore".

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

FanQ Awards

I'm dancing with joy over receiving two 2006 Fan Quality Awards and an honorable mention, plus Blackfly Presses, of which I am editor-in-chief, won quite a number of other FanQ Awards.

Want to see? Here they are:

Fandom: ANGEL
Story -- Slash
“Cenotaph” by Jenny Saypaw, Horizontal Mosaic Vol. 10

Story -- Slash
“Nevermore” by Jenny Saypaw, Horizontal Mosaic Vol. 7

Fandom: NCIS
Story -- Slash
“A Most Delightful Spectacle” by Angelise, Horizontal Mosaic Vol. 10

Story -- Gen
“For Friendship” by Annie, Chinook Vol. 2
Story -- Slash
“Ghost in the Machine” by Stormy StormHeller, Jim and Blair Do the Timewarp
’Zine -- Slash
Jim and Blair Do the Timewarp

Story -- Slash
“Secret Identities” by CJ, Horizontal Mosaic Vol. 7


Fandom: CSI
Story -- Slash
“Teaching the Greg-O” by Angelise, Horizontal Mosaic Vol. 9

Artist -- Slash
Olivia, The Rescue Series by Angelise

Artist -- Slash
Jenny Saypaw, various Blackfly zines

Poem/filk -- Gen
“Sonnets from the Jedi” by Portia MacBeth, Chinook Vol. 2

Fandom: X-FILES
Story -- Slash
“Thirteenth Day” by m.butterfly, Horizontal Mosaic, Vol. 10